Pethood is about helping the pets and people who care for them by providing affordable services and innovative programs. Here at DARNICH, we aim to provide you information about the best food, accessories, toys, supplements, treats for your pet.

Pet shop near me

We provide a pet shop online, you can sell or buy any pet online. Whether you need a dog or a pig, our team will help you. We assure you that the pet will be healthy and in good condition. We can even help you find a pet shop near me, you just have to give us a call on the number provided on the website. Our team goes and checks the pet thoroughly and you need not worry about a thing. We provide food supplements, accessories, toys, etc. at the price of pet shop wholesale. Our prices are reasonable plus we keep all of our products up to date.

Pet food

We have the best quality food supplements for your pet. Unlike other pet shop food, our food supplies contain all the essentials components, your pet needs at every life-stage. You can even compare the products we offer with the products the store near you offers. Just search “pet food near me” and compare their best products with us. We deliver 100% natural pet food.

We are one destination for all of your pet's needs, whether its food supplies, accessories, or even if you want to buy a new pet. Instead of searching for a "pet shop near me that sells puppies, or a pet shop near me dog price” you can simply contact us.

Pet shop 18

Darnich provides almost the same facilities that are provided by pet shop 18. You don’t have to search for a pet shop rabbit or pet shop cat, etc. this will take too much time and effort. Instead, try going through our website.

We have food supplements that are 100% natural, pet accessories, toys, grooming, and spa facilities. We provide services at your door. The grooming and spa facilities are provided at the store as well as at your home.

Pet shop dog

We are one of the best pet shops for dogs. We offer all breeds of dogs, of different age groups. Our professional will help you whether you need a dog or a cat. You don’t have to search for “pet shop near me for dogs, or pet shop for dogs near me”. Just give us a call and we will do the work for you.

Our dogs do not bite, they all just bark. We give you the complete assurance that the pet will be completely fine and healthy. You can also sell your pet via us.

Pet shop

Our pet shop is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can find several pet shops in Mumbai but you won’t find someone like us. We offer spas, pet supplements, accessories, toys, etc. we deliver the products to your doorsteps. Keeping the current scenario in mind we even offer spas and grooming at home.

Our grooming and spa costs are not too much. Our price varies according to the size of your pet and the type of grooming you want. For grooming and spa, you can book an appointment according to your convenience.

Pet shop nearby

We are situated on the Mira road. You can easily find us by searching for a pet shop in Mira road or pet shop Mira road. We have everything you need for your pet. Our services include grooming, spas, food supplements, etc. We also deliver products to your doorsteps and grooming at home is also available.

Our official office address is the church, Shop No.61, Geeta Arcade, Near Miraj Wines, opp. Sheetal Nagar, Mira Road, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107.

Pet spa near me

We provide spas and grooming services. Keeping the current situation in mind we have also started grooming and spas at home. Our services are quite affordable. You can search us through searching pet spa near me, pet grooming salon near me, or pet grooming near me.

A regular spa schedule is very important as it gives the pet healthy skin and coat, makes them smell fresh, and reduces shedding. We give complete assurance for safe spa and grooming facilities. We take care of proper sanitization and cleaning.

Pets grooming

Grooming helps to keep you neat and clean. Grooming your pets keeps them healthy and fresh. Pets grooming includes both the hygienic and cleaning of the pet as well as enhances the appearance of the pet.

Grooming is about maintaining a pet’s physical health as well as its appearance. Grooming is a healthy activity and prevents skin irritations and infections. Our pet grooming services include pet being brushed, bathed, and dried as well as trimmed. Our groomers are very professional and friendly. We provide pet grooming at home. They will provide you with the best service.

Pet food store

We provide pet food online. Our food supplies are 100% natural and we try our best to deliver to you the best product possible. We have pet food for cats, dogs, fishes, etc. You can even search for a pet food store or pet food shop and buy supplements from the pet shops.

Buying good quality pet food improves digestion, better dental hygiene, makes the immune system strong, and reduces allergies. Our pet food delivery is completely free of cost. Proper measures are taken to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Pet food for dogs

We provide good quality pet food for dogs. We have dry dog food, food supplements, wet dog food, treats, etc. Our products are 100% natural and safe and have all the important nutrients required.

Pet food for dogs must include six basic nutrients that are water, proteins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins. We deliver products at your doorstep. You can search for the pet food shop near me or a pet food store near me and find us there. For any queries, you can give us a call.